Borghetto started to plant new wineyards in 1999 and we produced our first bottle of wine in 2003. As we literally started from the ground up we have been able to tailor the winemaking to the most important thing of all, the wineyards. There are about twenty or so small blocks of Vineyard at Il Borghetto, each differing slightly from the other, be it in grape variety or clone, or a difference in soil type and slope aspect. We treat each one as a separate entity so that their individual characters can contribute a particular something to the final blend. To that extent we ferment, press, rack and barrel-down each vineyard block separately.

The Azienda Agricola Il Borghetto produces now six red wines: five IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) Toscana and one Chianti Classico d.o.c.g.

Bilaccio IGP and Clante IGP are made entirely from Sangiovese. We believe this indigenous Tuscan variety can stand alone and produce great wines without the need to blend with other varieties.

The wines of Il Borghetto are available directly at the Azienda. For further information please contact: