Il dettaglio dei fiori de Il Borghetto

About us

At Il Borghetto we are developing a sustainable way of working and living.
We farm organically and biodynamic the Olive Grove, the Vineyard, our fruit trees and flower gar- den and we are certified as organic farm.
We are trying to optimize the use of energy, we have installed a 8,4 KW photovoltaic project that supply most of our electric needs.


We use for the cleaning of the rooms and the B&B mostly green products.
We kindly ask our guests to support our enviroment by following a few simple guide-lines: please limit water usage at your own need; turn off the lights when leav- ing your room; divide garbage, when possible, between paper/plastic and glass/ other waste using the appropriate bins.


We think that our single small efforts can make a big difference in the care of our Great Planet.